Town of Montague Official Plan and Zoning Bylaw Update

Montague Plans 2016

Stantec has been engaged to update the Town of Montague’s Official Plan and Zoning Bylaw. The Official Plan sets out the policies by which the town is to be developed. It provides the foundation for the Town’s Zoning Bylaw, which contains regulations that specify the types of development that can be undertaken within the Town Limits including specifications for those types such as minimum lot sizes, setbacks from lot lines, height restrictions, and parking requirements. As most people are aware, the Zoning Bylaw is accompanied by a Zoning Map that identifies areas where the types of development contemplated by the Bylaw can be permitted.

As time changes and the community develops, policies and regulations change. The PEI Planning Act requires that an Official Plan be updated within 15 years but a municipality may decide to undertake a review within a shorter period of time. The current Town of Montague Official Plan was adopted in 2008. The Town has decided to review the document now, after seven years, in the interest of dealing with a collection of issues important to the future growth of Montague.